Running a business can be a very lonely experience. We can work with you to help you make informed business decisions, enabling you to drive your business to a better place!

We can help with Board management, transaction support, forecasting, managing finance teams and succession planning. In addition, we are experienced in negotiating with suppliers, finance raising, reviewing grants and HMRC negotiations.

We know what it's like running your own business and there isn't a lot we haven't seen!


Good business decisions are based on accurate, timely information. Regular management accounts are key to this and we have a track record of producing these efficiently and effectively. More importantly, we help you understand the numbers and what they mean, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

Staff can become very difficult to manage if you don't have the right framework. For years we have heard clients blaming staff for poor performance. Yes, sometimes this is true, but sometimes they just need managing in the right way to bring out the best in them. We can help build and develop your team.

It is often impossible to see the wood for the trees. This is why having a non-exec director can be so beneficial. It can help install the disciplines that are vital in any growing business, helping you focus on the key strategies for growth.

Having the discipline of a large company reporting structure can really help a small business develop. Learning the disciplines of on time reporting can be vital. Everyone can say "I didn't have time to do that because...." – only those that do find the time will be successful.